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My name is Kelly Thorn, I am a fully qualified and insured (*Insured with the Federation of Holistic Therapists) Holistic therapist for 4 years and a Reiki Master for 2 years.


In this time I have actively treated a wide range of clients needs and of course incorporating holistic into my home and personal life with life changing benefits and positive results.


Positivity is of great importance to me. I have a lovely family and feel incredibly blessed with my place in the world. I have 2 children whom I share a happy and healthy life with. I have a great reputation in my career as a therapist and thrive on researching and training developing key understandings to further support my practice.


My gifts and talents come from a varied education and rich life experiences. I am naturally intuitive, spiritually aligned, and deeply compassionate.


My clients individually refer to my 'magic healing hands' I have a natural friendly, nurturing energy. I thrive on meeting and treating good people.


Love & Light